Hills And Views In Posillipo

This is the most scenic place in Naples. From the sea side we will going up to he hills of Posillipo, where normally the most famous film maker prefer to go to get the best panoramas of the city. 20160618_121808

Seven km from the starting point, our guides will take you to the “Parco Virgiliano”. Is the only place in Naples than you can see two gulfs ( Pozzuoli and Naples) and all islands (Ischia-Capri-Procida) from the same spot. In a very quite place you can relax and enjoy the view, and only after a little break the tour will go trough the most romantic roads.

In Via Manzoni and Via Orazio many stories to tell you, most of them have a strong connections with a famous poets and love stories.

“See Napoli and die” Some say that it was Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe of Faust  who coined the phrase in 1786-88 why??? Because the beauty of the city is something than can’t you leave beyound so easy when you go back home. And it was the last desire from this poet, see Naples for the last time before the deth.20160505_164522

This is one of the most popular tour, but also you need to have some biking skills. With 20 km of road and hills probably in the end you can be little tired but at half way is included a little snack break to recharge our body with sugar and coffe.




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