Archeo-Tour, Napoli Greco/Romana Walking tour

What It Is?

Get in the City with Giovanni and explore something totally new, you will be amazed !

What You Can Expect?

It is a journey through time in the mythological Neapolis, the only city of the ancient world to have always been inhabited, antiquity here is not only told, in these palaces of the ancient center the people live in the archaeological remains and still use the ancient millennial traditions. We will cross the Greek walls, the acropolis, the necropolis, the agora, the mithraeum and the gymnasium through the ancient decumani, helping us with maps and stories of social life of that period.

It’s just like a dream

Did ever you dreamed with open eyes and stepped back like a thousand years ago? With Giovanni it’s possible. He’s gonna tell you so many different stories and togheter gets lost in the beauty of Greeks and Romans roads. With lots of passion and funny way the tour will finish to quick.

He’s knowledgeable and professional with years of experiece, so don’t miss the chance to do something totally new away from the classic touristic tours.

Where We gonna go?

  • Porta San Gennaro: We will talk about the medieval gate of the city of Naples that will take us to the Necropolis of Neapolis.
  • Area Archeologica di Carminiello ai Mannesi: Ancient Roman Temple, where they performed a precise ritual.
  • Mura Greche We will show the fortification of Neapolis 25 minutes • Admission Ticket Free
  • Decumani di Napoli: We will show the ancient palaces in one of the Decumani.
  • Many other stops along the way

What’s Inlcuded?

  • Professional guide in French, English,Italian and Spanish language
  • Light snack
  • Three hours tour

Where We will meet up?

The meeting point will be:  Galleria Principe di Napoli, 27/28, 80135 Napoli at Bycicle

Waterbike Payment Section

*Pay this tour using the button below and use the number adding the quantity of the people of the group.

*Before any payment please contact the agency HERE to check the availability ( normally we answer all mails in 2-3 hours )

Archeo-Tour Greco/Romano Walking Tour



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