Pozzuoli and campi flegrei


The Vesuvio is not the only volcanic site, Pozzuoli and campi flegrei is a place where the Romans settled before arriving in Naples. Today is very famous for the volcanic activities and there are a lot of places where actually you can admire volcano’s beauty.20160412_1223322 In Pozzuoli we will admire temples, amphitheaters and old Roman markets . During our tour we will visit most of these structures. We will also reach wonderful lakes ( lake d’averno and lake lucrino), used by the Romans as harbour, and a huge crater and mountains modelled in one night eruption.


At this point next to the lake we can have a little break to eat and enough time to admire vineyards and wildlife all around.


Few kilometres from the lake we can reach the archeological submerged park of Baia and there we can take one hour boat tour by the coast line. The way back to Napoli are double km

80-85 Km the entire trip with way back by bike

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